Garden Room FAQ`s

Do I Require Planning Permission?

In the vast majority of cases you are allowed to have a garden room built in your property's outside space without seeking planning permission.

There are only a few exceptions, please see our planning regulations section for further details.

How Close Can It Be To My Boundary?

To adhere to the permitted development rules we will construct the garden room on site as follows:

Garden rooms up to 15m2 internal floor area - Minimum 0.5m from any boundary.

Garden rooms over 15m2 to 30m2 - Minimum 1.0m from any boundary.

How Should I Prepare My Site Area?

All we ask is that the site area be clear of any obstacles (i.e. rocks, trees, shrubs, sheds etc.). It is preferable to have a level soil or grass area to install our foundation system.

We can install our garden rooms on either a flat or gently sloping site area. If you site area slopes a lot then it may need leveling before we can install the garden room.

What Parking And Access Do You Require?

Ideally, we require parking for at least one van (we use long wheel base Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans) and a clear access to the site area.

This could be via a side access, gate, garage or possibly through the house (as long as there are no 90 degree sharp turns). Many components are 3m or 4m long and we cannot bend them!

What Space Do You Require Around The Garden Room?

Our garden rooms are built on site and as such the installation teams require a minimum of 0.5m from any obstacle around the entire garden room.

This would include locating the garden 0.5m from other building, fence, garage or tree etc.

What Foundations Do You Use?

We use a specially designed concrete and steel pile foundation system. The steel piles are fully adjustable to suit a flat or gently sloping site area. The garden room is raised off the ground to allow a vented space underneath. This ensures that the garden room will not be affected by rising damp.

We can install the garden room onto an existing concrete base or patio base as long as it is free of any cracks, of substantial construction and at least 4 inches (100mm) thick.

Will Weeds Grow Under The Garden Room?

Even though the garden room is raised off the ground and has a vented space underneath (to prevent rising damp) weeds will not grown directly underneath the garden room as there is no daylight.

If the garden room is positioned on a lawn or soil area it is advised to dig a small channel around the outer walls and fill with gravel or mulch. This will prevent weeds from growing up around the outer edges of the garden room walls.

What About The Electricity Supply?

Each garden room price includes a complete electrics package including: Consumer unit, electrical sockets, lighting and light switch. On completion of the build our qualified electrician will visit you to test the internal electrics and provide an electrical certificate in readiness for the mains connection.

To connect mains electricity from your house to the garden room, you can either use your own electrician or we can supply you with a quote to carry out the works for you.

What Are Your Lead Times?

Typically 4 to 6 weeks from the order date to installation start date. Lead times do vary dependent upon the time of year.

Our lead times are shorter in the winter and longer in spring, summer and autumn.

Does the External Timber Cladding Need Treatment?

Our garden rooms are externally clad in either Thermowood or Western Red Cedar. Thermowood does not require a surface treatment or maintenance. Some people choose to add a translucent stain or coloured paint to create a unique finish.

Western Red Cedar with its rich colours, has natural inbuilt preservatives and a very high resistance to decay and requires no additional treatment. Some people periodically use a cedar oil to enhance its natural variable colours. Over time both Thermowood and Western Red Cedar will eventually turn to a natural grey colour similar to that of outdoor teak furniture.

Are The Doors And Windows Secure?

All doors and windows are supplied with a secure operating mechanism for ease of opening and locking. Each door section has a high security galvanised steel reinforced locking system on both the master and slave door comprising a system of hook locks, shoot bolts and deadlocks.

Each door is fitted with high security multi-point locking system to provide maximum security. Each opening window has lockable handles. All doors and windows use insurance approved locks.

Can I Have Different Doors And Windows?

As standard we supply dark grey (anthracite) profiles on all patio doors, sliding doors. fixed glass window panels and opening windows. Most customers seem to prefer the dark grey profile colour as it blend perfectly with the natural tones of the Thermowood external timber cladding.

However if required we can supply different colour profiles including: oak grain and white. In addition we can supply bespoke size doors and windows in either PVC-U or Aluminium profiles.

Can I Have An Internal Walls Inside?

Yes, we often construct internal partition walls inside the garden rooms to divide the internal space. The location of the internal wall can be decided by the customer whilst the installation team are on site.

In addition we can either provide an internal door or external door to access the separated area.

What Heating Options Do You Recommend?

Our garden rooms are built to be thermally efficient with a fully insulated floor, walls and roof. In addition each garden room is supplied with double glazed doors and windows. The heat retention properties of our garden rooms means you will not normally require any heating for the majority of the year.

As an optional extra we can supply you with either an oil filled radiator heater or wall mounted panel heater to provide heat inside your garden room.

Can I Have A Bespoke Garden Room?

Yes you certainly can!. We have many years experience at constructing bespoke timber framed garden rooms.

We can build a garden room to any specific size (as long as its square, rectangular or L shaped) and incorporate any specific design ideas you have to suit your individual tastes and requirements.

What Guarantee Do You Provide?

Garden Rooms Direct are a long established, reputable company who stand by the quality of our garden rooms. As such we offer a 10 year guarantee against any structural defects.

The 10 year structural guarantee is available to all our customers as standard policy subject to our terms and conditions.

What Are The Payment Terms?

To place an order we require a 50% deposit of the total order value. Once the deposit has been paid a receipt, order confirmation and an installation start date will be provided.

The 50% balance payment will become payable upon completion of the garden room. We accept payments by bank transfer, cheque and most major debit or credit cards.

How Long Does It Take?

Most of our garden rooms are completely built on site within 5 working days. Some of the large rooms will normally take a few days more.

The installation teams work Monday to Friday and will stay locally until the garden room is completed.

How Do I Place An Order?

To order one of our garden rooms, please contact us and a member of our team will be able to talk you through the ordering process and offer helpful advice. The order process is very straightforward and you will have the opportunity to ask any specific question or queries.

Alternatively why not come and see us. We have two showrooms in North Yorkshire where you can see some great examples, get a feel for the different designs, models, sizes and meet us face to face to discuss your requirements.

Call us today 0800 170 1274 to order your brochure, discuss your needs, or book a meeting at our showroom.

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