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Garden Room Specifications

Delivery & On-Site Installation

All prices include delivery to any UK mainland address and complete on site installation by professional installation teams.

Each garden room is installed with the minimal of disruption, typically within 5 working days and normally without the need for planning permission.

From foundations, construction and internal electrics, we provide the complete package at a fixed price with no hidden extras.

Roof Construction

Each garden room roof is constructed using a Kingspan interlocking thermal roofing system. Each individual insulated roof section is sandwiched with a fibre free rigid thermal insulation core.

These highly insulated interlocking roof sections cover the entire roof with an incline from front to rear to allow water to flow into the rear guttering section. A down pipe and is also installed to the rear of the garden room to dispense water from the roof.

The visible edges of the roofing system are additionally finished using anthracite (dark grey) aluminium roof trims.

Floor Construction

Each floor section is constructed using: 6 Inch treated floor joists, timber battens, thermal insulation, heavy duty moisture resistant t&g timber floor boarding, thermal nderlay, laminate wooden flooring and pre painted wooden skirting boards.

You can choose between oak rustic grain or light grey oak grain wooden laminate flooring.

Wall Construction

Our wall sections incorporates: External Thermowood timber cladding, timber latts, external air vent , waterproof membrane, C16 wall timbers, thermal insulation, internal air vent, plasterboard and plaster skim.

All external walls are covered with a vapour and breather membrane. The vapour and breather membrane is positioned on the outer side of the insulation, allowing vapour to escape from inside while repelling any water that tries to enter. Each garden room incorporates double air vents which allows the building to fully breathe and prevents any condensation.

Insulated For All Year Round Use!

Our garden rooms are fully insulated using superior insulation products from manufacturers including Isover, Celotex, Knauf and Kingspan (The main market leaders).

All garden rooms contain double air vented walls and are raised of the ground to allow a vented space underneath. Raising the garden room off the ground ensures a free flow of air underneath and eliminates any risk of condensation or rising damp. Your new garden room will be a fully insulated and ventilated building that is comfortable to use all year around.

Concrete & Steel Foundations

You do not need to provide a concrete base for our garden rooms. To save you the expense and inconvenience, we use specially designed, concrete pile foundations combined with heavy duty galvanised steel legs and plates. The steel legs can be adjusted which means we can install our garden rooms onto either flat or slightly uneven surfaces.

Your garden room will be raised off the ground to allow a vented space underneath. This ensures that the structure will not be affected by rising damp.

Thermowood Timber Cladding

Each garden room is externally clad in Thermowood heat treated tongue and grove timber. Thermowood`s heat treatment produces a consistent brown tone for a beautiful appearance with outstanding durability, stability and insulation characteristics./p>

If required, translucent or solid colour stains can be applied to Thermowood to create unique and striking buildings. If left untreated the natural brown colour will turn to a natural grey colour. Thermawood has a life expectancy of 30+ years.

Classic Design Exterior

Our classic design garden rooms are entirely externally clad in Thermowood tongue and groove timber with the addition of Thermowood timber roof facias, wall corner trims and base profiles.

Modern Design Exterior

Our modern design buildings are also entirely externally clad in Thermowood tongue and groove timber but with the addition of modern composite dark grey (anthracite) roof facias, wall corner trims and base profiles.

The colour coordinated anthracite materials perfectly match the anthracite profiles of the doors and windows.

Dark Grey (Anthracite) Doors & Windows

All our garden room doors and windows are supplied with high quality dark grey PVC-U profiles.

The dark grey door and windows contrast nicely with the natural colours of the external Thermowwod timber cladding.

In addition the dark grey profiles offer elegant sight lines together with high security features, incredible strength and thermal efficiency.

Double Glazing & Security

All double glazing units are A rated tinted Planitherm argon gas filled double glazed units complete with super warm edge spacers.

Many glass manufacturers use a hard coating which leaves a dusty looking haze across the surface. Planiterm clear glass uses a different process which produces a excellent, energy efficient beautiful natural clear finish.

Each individual aluminium reinforced PVCu door and window is fitted with insurance approved locks.

Professionally Plastered Interior

Inside all our garden rooms you will find traditional plaster boarded and skimmed walls and ceiling.

Our experienced installation teams take the time and effort to professionally plaster board and plaster skim the inside to give our customers the ultimate internal finish to their garden room.

A traditionally plastered finish provides additional insulation and contributes to improved energy efficiency. The inside of your garden room will be finished to the same high standard`s as a new house.

Internal Door & Window Profiles

As standard all garden room double patio doors, fixed windows and opening windows are supplied with anthracite (dark grey) profiles on the outside and white on the inside.

The internal profiles provide a more aesthetic finish to compliment internal decorating finishes.

Internal Flooring - Classic Designs

The internal timber floor carcase is completely covered using an industrial grade moisture resistant tongue and grooved timber floor boarding.

In addition each classic design garden room floor is supplied with a foam underlay and high quality oak laminate wooden flooring.

The oak laminate flooring is very hardwearing and easy to clean, making it the perfect flooring choice for an outdoor garden room.

Internal Flooring - Modern Designs

Once again the internal timber floor carcase is completely covered using an industrial grade moisture resistant tongue and grooved timber floor boarding.

In addition each contemporary design garden room floor is supplied with a foam underlay and high quality light grey laminate wooden flooring.

Again the light grey laminate flooring is very hardwearing and easy to clean.

Electrical Package

Each garden room is supplied with a comprehensive electrical package comprising: a consumer unit, 3 x white double electrical sockets, LED slimline light panel and light switch. The consumer unit controls and protects the power coming into the garden room.

Our qualified electrician will test the internal electrics and provide an electrical conformity certificate in readiness for either your electrician or our electrician (if previously ordered and arranged) to connect a mains supply from your house to the garden room.

Optional Extras

Oil Radiator Heater Option

Heating can be provided inside the garden room using an optional oil radiator which includes the following specifications:

1500 watt complete with adjustable thermostat. Three different heat settings. Noiseless operation. Portable, lightweight and easily moved from one area to another.This is ideal as a low running cost heat source for garden rooms.

Glass Panel Heater Option

Alternatively optional heating can be provided inside the garden room by using a slimline glass panel heater which includes the following specifications:

1500 watt with eco setting. 2 power settings. No noise or vibrations. Wall bracket included with fixing for wall mounting or use free standing using the standing feet provided. Overheating protection, adjustable thermostat, aluminium heating element for fast heating.

PVCu Doors & Windows

Although we include dark grey (anthracite) PVCu doors and windows with each garden room some customers add additional doors and windows.

Choose from single, double (patio & sliding), wide, tall or square opening windows and fixed glass window panels.

A popular option for many customers is to increase the size or amount of fixed glass window panels. If required you can increase the size of the standard 0.5m panels to either 0.75m or 1m wide.

Aluminium Doors & Windows

For the ultimate in luxury we can also supply aluminium bi-folding doors, sliding doors, patio doors and windows.

Supplied in dark grey (anthracite) profiles on both the outside and inside. Additional RAL colours are available upon request.

Popular door sizes include 2m, 3m and 4m widths. The position of any aluminium doors and windows is at the discretion of the customer.

Timber Decking

To compliment your new garden room, you may like to consider some timber decking to the outside.

The timber decking can be added to the front, sides or even both.

The specialist joiners are very experienced at installing timber decking and are more than capable of producing any shape or design you require. All timber decking includes a sub frame and a traditional redwood timber decking top.

Dark Grey (Anthracite) Composite Decking

Alternatively for a more contemporary look you might consider the latest dark grey (anthracite) composite decking.

The main advantage of composite decking is that it will not fade and require staining like traditional timber decking and will retain its dark grey colour year after year.

In addition the dark grey composite decking compliments the dark grey PVCu door and window profiles.

Western Red Cedar Timber Cladding

Western Red Cedar external cladding is a popular upgrade option with our customers due to its rich and variable colours.

The rich warm brown, red and pink colours and texture of Western Red Cedar gives any building a touch of individuality and can be relied upon to give long and trouble free service under all conditions.

Western Red Cedar is increasingly being specified for a more modern, contemporary appearance.

Internal Storeroom

You may wish to divide the internal space inside your garden room and access the separate area either by an internal door or external door. The joiners can divide your internal space with a partition walls.

Partition walls allow for an efficient dividing of internal space for a multitude of different uses.

Separating the internal space is very useful if you require an area for the storage of tools, bicycles, garden machinery etc. The exact location of the internal dividing wall can be decided on site.

Acoustic Insulation, Plasterboards & Glass

The garden rooms insulation, plasterboards and glass can be upgraded to high mass acoustic options when additional sound reduction is required.

These options are particularly useful for music related work or hobbies and for those garden rooms installed near to busy roads, railways, airports, factories etc.

Please contact us for specific information and advice.

External Canopy Downlights

External down lights can be installed in the projecting roof canopies found on our extend, extend plus edge and enclose designs.

The recessed down lights are installed within the timber framework underneath the projecting roof section.

The down lights are supplied in a brushed stainless steel finish and all wiring is concealed out of view within the garden room walls.

Internal LED Ceiling Downlights

Internal LED ceiling downlights lights can be installed inside your garden room.

LED lights are more energy efficient than traditional lighting.

Adding LED lighting to a garden room interior is a great way to create visual interest using a low power lighting source.

LED lights tend to have a longer lifespan than tradition lighting.

Internal & External Electrics

No matter what your electrical and cabling requirements are we can accommodate your needs. The installation teams can add additional lighting including, LED light panels, LED downlights complete with any extra light switches.

You can add extra single or double sockets (internal and waterproof external) and if required we can upgrade our consumer units to suit any additional power requirements.

All the electrical wiring is hidden inside the walls, floor or ceiling sections.

Mains Electrical Connection

Once your garden room is completed our fully qualified electrician will call and check and test all the internal electrical components and wiring.

On completion he will issue a Part P electrical certificate in readiness for the mains electrical connection from your house to your garden room.

Your can either choose your own electrician or alternatively our electrical contractor can provide you with a quote to carry out the electrical connection works for you.

Door & Window Options

Dark Grey (Anthracite) Profiles

All our garden room doors, fixed glass panels and windows are supplied with high quality dark grey (anthracite) PVC-U profiles.

The dark grey (anthracite) doors and windows contrast perfectly with the Thermowood external timber cladding.

In addition the dark grey profiles offer elegant sight lines together with high security features, incredible strength and thermal efficiency.

Double Patio Doors

Elegant and timeless our patio doors will compliment any home or outdoor environment. Patio doors improve access from your garden room to your outdoor space, garden, courtyard or patio area.

During the summer months the patio doors enable you to improve the ventilation and air flow in your garden room as well as providing a stylish way of merging your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Double patio doors are supplied with our classic garden room designs.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors operate without a hinge and simply glide along a track instead of opening outwards. To open the sliding patio doors all you have to do is gently push them aside and they will glide open. This means that no extra space is required for the door to open.

Our sliding patio doors have extra large panes of glass that run from the top to the bottom of each door pane, maximising natural light, which is especially useful during the summer months.

Sliding patio doors are supplied with our modern garden room designs.

Single Patio Doors

A single patio door is often used when a client wishes to divide the internal space inside their garden room and have external access to the divided area. The single patio door is used as the external access to the internal area or store room.

Separating the internal space in a garden room is a very popular option and is useful if you require an area for the storage of tools, bicycles, garden machinery etc.

Corner Fixed Glass Window Sections

The combination of the double patio door and sliding patio doors with a fixed glass corner window section provides an attractive architectural feature.

The corner glass window section gives undisturbed exterior views and maximum interior light and visibility, particularly as the glass panels are the same full height as the doors.

The fixed glass corner window section are normally with either our classic or modern edge and extend edge garden room designs.

Fixed Glass Window Panels

Our range of glass window panels are available in a variety of widths including 0.5m, 0.75 and 1.0m. The exact position of any glass window panels can be decided on site by the customer and installed by the fully qualified installation teams.

Most customers position the fixed glass panels adjacent to patio or sliding door to create a large expanse of glass. However they can be positioned in any location.

The fixed glass window panels are supplied with our classic garden rooms designs.

Tall Opening Windows

The tall opening window is divided into two sections. The bottom sections comprises a fixed glass window section whilst the top section comprises a top opening window section. The top opening window is hinged at the top and opens outwards.

Ideal for a breeze for ventilation and comfort throughout the year and improved security.

The tall opening windows are supplied and fitted as standard to our classic garden room ranges.

Wide Opening Windows

The wide opening window is the preferred window to maximise wall space. As the window is normally mounted higher up the garden rooms wall you can easily accommodate either a desk or settee underneath the window. The wide opening window is hinged from the top and opens outwards.

Ideal for a breeze for ventilation and comfort throughout the year.

The wide opening windows are supplied and fitted as standard to our modern garden room ranges.

Square Opening Windows

A more traditional type of window everyone is familiar with as it the type of standard window fitted to many houses.

The square opening window hinges from one side and is the largest opening window and has a single large pane of glass that is not broken up by any lines.

They offer a nice clear view of your garden and are great for letting in sunlight.