How Long Will A Garden Room Last

How Long Will A Garden Room Last

The life span of a garden room will mainly depend mainly on the quality of the construction materials.

Garden rooms vary in price from £3000.00 to £30,000.00.

A cheap garden room should last a few years at least but a well-constructed garden room should last between 30-40 years or even longer.

Apart from the construction materials another variable is the type of external cladding used.

High quality external claddings such as Western Red Cedar will last between 30-40 years without any treatments. Another excellent external cladding is a composite material (recycled plastics) as this is imperviable to rot and decay and also does not require any specific treatment.

It is also important that the garden room is elevated from the ground to prevent rising damp and condensation which will quickly deteriorate timber and cause structural problems.

Other factors include the use of high-quality insulation, air vents and a vapour barrier which will prevent mould and water ingress.

In the end as with most aspects in life you do end up getting exactly what you pay for.

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