Will A Garden Room Increase The Value Of My House

Will A Garden Room Increase The Value Of My House

The short answer is definitely yes! A good quality garden room will add value to your house price by simply adding additional space to your property.

One aspect an estate agent will look for when valuing a property is the footprint of a home.

The more space you have the greater the valuation.

A general benchmark for an increase in a property valuation from a garden room is anywhere between 5% to 15%.

The average house price in the UK is valued at £256,405 which is a potential £12,820-£38,460.75 increase in valuation. The value increase will depend on your expenditure on buying the garden room and the benefits:- For example size, type, what its constructed from and is it properly insulated. The nicer the garden room the more value will be added to your house price.

In addition, your return on investment is accentuated the higher the value of your property and especially in high-density housing areas where extra space is extremely valued such as the South and especially in London.

Building from this in assessing a property value it is also important to take into account consumer housing preferences and interests. Recent emerging trends such as working from home, fitness and health consciousness and multi-generational living imply the prospective buyers are more likely to purchase properties which can facilitate offices, gyms and alternative living arrangements. Bearing in mind the utilities of a house are an important predictor of attractivity, the versatile nature of a garden rooms means that a wide range of prospective buyers are going to value it is an asset to a property.

Another core feature of a property is its aesthetic value. A house with a well-maintained formal garden and facilities for pleasure and use acts as a positive price signal for a properties value. We provide this aesthetic appearance with our luxury external claddings from modern composites to high end Western Red Cedar timber.

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